DeVoe Cadillac: 4100 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103

Year built: 1954

Front building: 1954, 1979

Metal Steel Frame: 1981

Canopies: 1995

Garage: 2000

Metal warehouse: 1984 and the front one: 1985

The 2nd Cadillac Complex: 1968

Back building: 1954

Asphalt: 1978, 1979


Sales: Mon-Fri:  9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-4pm, Sunday: Closed (Same for the Service, Parts and Finance Centers)

Service: Mon-Fri: 730am-5pm, Sat: 8am-4pm

Parts: Same hours

Finance: Mon-Fri: 830am-6pm and Saturday: 9am-4pm

Owner name: Kelly Et Al, LLP %, The Devoe Family Limited Partnership II

Owner Address: PO BOX 1098, Naples, FL 34106-1098

Phone number: 888-571-5034(Sales), 877-794-4373(Service)

Extra Parking Lot

4090 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103

Year built: 2000

Same owner and address, Same phone number and hours are listed above.

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